Sabertooth Quadsuit ( 4-legged costume)

I made this myself. i make custom order costumes, any one can order one, this is my website my sister is modeling it along side her loyal cattle dog.Note: I am not a furry, I have been building costumes since I was 9 years old. Furry fandom interests me because of the costumes, Anime interests me because of the Cosplay, Renaissance fairs interest me because of the attire. I am a costume enthusiast above all else.

More Halloween costume lion sites online

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    • Spazzbert:

      This is amazing! I love how you got the wrists to move!
      It’s too bad that CGI is replacing puppets and costumes more and more in movies. :(

    • ShadowMaskTheCat:

      @Spazzbert CGI can look pretty darn fake in a movie, too

    • ShikiraTheLioness:

      you should make a lion and lioness one of these! or a white lion and lioness! everyone would love it! im not saying you have to do it this is just a suggestion since your work inspires me i wish i could make them but do not know how and how much was all the stuff in order to make it??

    • Chikademon:

      How did you make the mane and the extra tuffty fur?

    • sweeneytoddfan11:

      dude, are you FREAKIN’ SERIOUS!!!!! This is the most beautiful animal cosplay I have ever seen!!!! The moment you walked in my jaw just dropped. I just can’t put into words how awesome you are!!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!

    • KnightHawke01:

      your stuff is sooo amazing!! I’d love to make a horse quadsuit someday

    • JINXX360:

      question how do you see out of it!! lol

    • gtamythmaster43:

      How does it work? I mean doesn’t it hurt to walk like that?
      Also looks cool.

    • gtamythmaster43:

      @StauffDante Furrys suck, this does not.

    • SantaFishes101:

      @theBeastcub That movie scared, and was loved by me as a young child. (but I am only 10!) :/

    • myfishruby:

      Ahah! This is what I was talking about! :D
      (On the other video)
      With the front legs. :DDD

    • thekillerponce:

      how much u sell does costumes

    • reganjerry:

      is there certain place where u can buy those kind of costumes

    • SuperZalex:

      ah man, i would love to scare the crap out of somebody with that!

    • joevil2025:

      @StauffDante “mauled by kids” lol
      also several places make specified “mascot cooling items” for said suits which include 2 hour ice packs and even a cooling/vent system, though the vent system would require a modification to the suits head (a venting hole

    • PaleWolf09:

      my sister said it looks realisc

    • Tallacus:

      thats so awesome….

    • creatureofthemoon:

      i love your quadsuits and i have watched all your videos and i want wolf link

    • cinnamonmewmewlover:

      i wish i could have one but i am only ten… :(

    • MyGirlCajun:

      do you stand in the front or the back? and how do you see?

    • MulinaTheAngelWolf:

      You could have one if you can convince your parents to buy and/or help you make one. They have a fairly simple way to amke them, at least although the actually making is a bit difficult. indeed children are not advised to wear them do to roughness and dehydration but if you take caution I see no issue.

    • tatchiet:

      AWESOME :D

    • kittenless:


    • ViitamynC:

      i want it i want it i want it i wanit it!!! gimme!

    • SantaFishes101:

      @StauffDante i can afford one, its almost always cold where I live and there are no other people or cars around

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