What can we be for Halloween?

Last year we were a family of 5 and went as The Flintstones. Fred, Wilma, Barney, Betty, and Pebbles. It was cute. We have a new addition. So make it a family of six. I love Halloween almost as much as Christmas so we all dress up. I need ideas. Something that’s pretty obvious. I don’t want to spend the whole night explaining who or what we are. I make our costumes to save on cost. I was thinking Wizard of Oz this year. Dorthy, Tin Man, Lion, Scarecrow, ToTo, and the Wizard or one of the witches. It’s my husband and me, a 7 yr old boy and 3 girls 9, 4, and 8 months. Any suggestions would be great!!

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    1. Jacki-O-says Trick -or-Treat, 25 February, 2011

      Maybe a rock group or all dress exactly alike, or mama and papa snowmen and a bunch of snow babies, or santa and Mrs. santa and a bunch of little elves, or a family of any animal such as dogs, kitties, skunks, raccoons, etc! Have Fun!!

    2. Exotic, 25 February, 2011

      This year you can be The Adams Family.

    3. mike m, 25 February, 2011

      Basketball team

    4. PoohknowsALL, 25 February, 2011

      How about getting some Groovy 70’s cloths and go as the Brady Bunch…Or the Partridge Family.
      Or you can;t go wrong with Star Wars.
      7 yo—Luke Sky-walker
      3 yo—r2d2
      8mth old—-An Ewok

    5. Amelia K, 25 February, 2011


      you could be power rangers

      the incredibles


    6. Carine H, 25 February, 2011

      Superhero Costumes


      Fantastic 4



      Star Wars


      Lord Of The Ring

      The Addams Family

      Harry Potter

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